Nothing’s gonna stop Marco from eating the whole cotton candy now.


Biker Levi sounds so cool

my hands smell like rubbers ew


For hdotk! Your jeanmarco babes wanna wish you a happy quarter-century life crisis and they got allll dressed up for ya ^-^ I got worried about the hands but they are holding the cake up, you just can’t see it cause its a dAMN HUGE CAKE ^o^

Happy birthday dot! You were pretty rad for keeping me sane these past couple weeks! thank you!

Anonymous whispered:
Hey there, does this mean I have hit post limit? Every time I click the reblog button it takes me to a new window, redirecting me to my dashboard and not giving me the option to reblog. WTF tumblr?

no i don’t think so, when you reach post limit and try to reblog something it’ll show you a message saying that you have reached post limit for the day. I honestly don’t know why you’re having that problem but maybe it’ll fix itself on its own?